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+31(0)85 4 01 41 81 Alexander Bellstraat 16, 3261LX Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands
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About us

What drives and motivates us

The platform for logistics. The first of its kind.

Technology platforms are the way forward, empowering every part of the economy. They define how we buy and sell goods, pay and get paid, and how run companies in the cloud. Digimentr’s platform is the next critical platform for modern businesses. We believe in adding value to the industry. Using our team’s combined experience of many years of freight forwarding and tech, we have created a platform that can be used by anyone.

How it started

Digimentr was founded by Pim Verhage and Bart de Ruiter. Pim brought his knowledge as a supply chain manager and successful entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Bart was leading a forwarding company. He had learned first-hand the challenges that come with accessing fundamental of logistics. Toby van Willegen joined soon after as a software architect, and together they have formed the foundation of the platform.

We believe that digitization must remain simple. Our platform is designed to be just that. It is an everyday digital tool. No need for installations, roll-outs or on-premise training.
We believe in adding value to the industry. After many years of freight forwarding and working in tech, we simply pulled together the best available technologies to design the one tool for freight forwarders, importers, exporters, carriers, and cargo owners.

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