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Increase booking conversion

Increase booking conversion and ultimately business profitability. With Digimentr White Label Platform you can get your own platform in minutes, and offer your customers an experience of the same quality and modernity. Create the platform with your company colors and logo to finish it. If needed we can provide a full integration to your own cargo system.

Receive complete, standardized and detailed container tracking information. From origin to destination, optimize your supply chain across all modes and borders.

Instant access to marine vessel information in real-time, with up to 24/7 tracking to the nearest 1,200 nautical miles. Instant access to airfreight logisitics in the cloud to gain real-time and historical performance data on freight shipments.
Digital freight management solution which helps maximize container movement from the sea to the hub, providing better visibility to optimize management and effectiveness of distribution lines. Track, trace and monitor your freight all the way to the port of departure.
Multimodal airfreight management instant access to shipping tracking information from ocean carriers to air freight companies with easy access to seafreight status in the cloud.
Digital freight dashboard. Access up-to-date, reliable and accurate data across the air freight and maritime industries.
Digital logistics platform Organizations can secure reliable and secure connectivity across the ocean to the port. Providing access to best-of-breed technologies to facilitate digitalization of shipping operations.
Reliable digital solutions with integrated logistics operations from inception to ending in the port. Provide best-of-breed solutions from container tracking to seaport logistics through all modes and borders.

Are you ready to embrace digital change?

With the use of the logistics software from Digimentr you will be drive an efficient procurement process across your organization. It will help you opening up a wealth of actionable business insights. Embrace digital change and make space for what matters most for your business! Let us know I which package you are interested in, and we will contact you soon! ➜➜➜

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