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Fair pricing

Digimentr believes in a fair logistical network. That's why we have a pay-what-you-use pricing.
There are no high fixed monthly fees, but pricing is based on how much the platform has added to your sales. Moreover, to further enhance the adaptability, you do not pay for accounts added to the platform. Want to show something to a colleague? Go for it! Prefer your clients to request their own quotations? You got it!

Our pricing

You pay for your platform usage with Digimarks. A Digimark is our currency regarding anything on the platform. You can buy your Digimarks online easily, after which we will safely store these in your wallet.
Any Digimarks you bought are valid for an entire year, so you don't have to worry if you have a month with less work.
Digimarks in principal cost €0.50 each, but a discount is added if you commit to the platform for longer periods.

Our tiers

To better accommodate your usage, we have added tiers. Do you feel like you won't make use of the ability to upload documents directly to the platform? You're free to do that, and we will lower your price a bit for that. Would you rather want us to offload some of your work to the platform? As we have to do extra computations, the platform will cost a bit more.

Group 1130


Not quite digital yet? This is the most chosen starters kit!

Quotations Module

✔ Requesting quotations
✔ Manual calculations
✔ Quotation Overviews
✔ Chat support
✔ Insurances through our partner IMT

Shipment Module

✔ Shipment overviews
✔ Manual track and trace
✔ Send assignments
✔ Manual to-do’s
✔ Chat support
✔ Insurances through our partner

per Quotation: 3 Digimark
per Shipment: 30 Digimark

Group 1131


Just started digitizing? Then this is your option!

Quotations Module

Everything in basic +
✔ Upload documents
✔ Request documents from clients
✔ Download documents

Shipment Module

Everything in basic +
✔ Create to-do’s for documents
✔ Request documents from clients
✔ Manage documents
✔ Send documents with assignments
✔ Financial module

per Quotation: 4 Digimark
per Shipment: 40 Digimark

Group 1132


Familiar with SaaS? Do you work online? Then this is your option!

Quotations Module

Everything in standard +
✔ Automated quotation calculations
✔ Upload supplier rate lists
✔ Manage rates via API

Shipment Module

Everything in standard +
✔ Automated to-do creation
✔ Automated e-mails
✔ Automate assignments
✔ Create custom automation flows

per Quotation: 5 Digimark
per Shipment: 50 Digimark

Group 1133


Need API's, EDI's, or FTP connections? More than 5000 Digimark per month?

Not satisfied with the premium tier? Do you require more customizations?

Then enterprise is for you.

Contact us, we are happy to help you.

Are you ready to embrace digital change?

With the use of our logistics software, you'll have an efficient procurement process across your organization. It will help you open up a wealth of actionable business insights, embrace digital change, and make space for what matters most for your business! Let us know in which tier you are interested in, and we will contact you soon!

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